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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
African American Couple


Thank You!

"There were things my son didn't share with me about just how violent his bullying situation was at school. At Blueskies, he felt safe and we were able to talk about it and finally do something."
- Maria R.
"My daughter's life is changed. She was bullied and was starting to bully other kids and shut herself in. Blueskies and Belen changed everything. Now she's in college and I have seen a joy and a light in her that I haven't seen since all the bullying started. She has hope."
-Denise L.
"I had someone to talk to who would believe me and talked to my teachers and principal for me. I had help and I wasn't alone anymore."
-Highschool Student
"My son's aggression got under control. It took time and work with Blueskies but he understands how to manage his anger and think or talk before he acts. He's doing better in school and is making friends now.
- Sharon J.